2020 is a year full of stories that will always be remembered. PowerCommerce.Asia started the year with high optimism before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. This pandemic has indeed changed many aspects of our lives. As a company, PowerCommerce.Asia managed to adapt and got through it with a remarkable achievement.

Massive changes have occurred in the customer’s shopping behavior. They tend to shop online on e-commerce and this has an impact on the growth of our incoming orders. We processed up to 10.9 times number of orders more than the previous year. Our sales also grew by 12.2 times compared to 2019.

PowerCommerce.Asia in 2020
What PowerCommerce.Asia Achieved in 2020 (Source: PowerCommerce.Asia)

As an e-commerce omni-channel enabler and supply chain solution-services company, we also collaborate with new global and national brands from various categories such as MamaSuka, Saint-Gobain, Greenfields, Bursa Sajadah, and Twinings Tea.

Related to the growth of our clients, we have expanded our warehouse capacity in Jakarta, 25 times bigger than our previous warehouse. PowerCommerce.Asia also opened new warehouses and fulfillment centers in Surabaya and Yogyakarta to optimizing our omni-channel solution and provide the best online shopping experience for all customers throughout Indonesia.

We’ve been through a lot in 2020. Thanks to our PowerRangers for their dedication, discipline, and hard work in 2020. But it’s not the end.

Let’s start a new chapter and looking forward to the opportunities in 2021 with full of confidence.