In the past few years, the growth of digital technology has been running very fast which have an impact to the development of e-Commerce. This growth provides unlimited movement for every product in the world. It sounds pretty challenging for our local businesses. However they can take some advantages with this condition. The unlimited movement product can lead them to sell products in the global market, without opening local store or localizing their own website.

As Omni-Channel pioneer in Indonesia, PowerCommerce is very committed in bringing local products to reach global markets. No need to worry. You just have to focus on making the product, because we’ll bring your product abroad with our Omni-Channel. We also provide seamless customer experience to fill the gap between online and offline.

PowerCommerce have partnered with several local, regional, and global marketplaces. This partnership is very important in realizing our efforts to bring your products and business to the global market. You will be very proud when you find your products in the international marketplace and let the international customers discover your great products.