PowerCommerce.Asia became the first company in Indonesia to introduce Omni-Channel Strategy. Still unfamiliar with it? So, Omni-Channel is a cross-channel strategy that integrates all platforms and focuses on customer’s experience. The platforms include marketing & customer services, retailing, fulfillment, shipping, and product manufacturing.

PowerCommerce.Asia offer two main services to provide the Omni-Channel; demand generation services that include multi-channel management platform and demand fulfillment services that include multi-shipping management platform.


The PowerCommerce’s Omni-Channel Strategy Core Platforms shown in the picture below.

Why cross-channel strategy works?

Hence, as a customer-centered approach, Omni-Channel will improve customer experience and provides more purchasing channels for customers. The availability of this multiple purchasing channels will lead to an increase in sales and traffic. Therefore, we must remember that customers don’t care how many sales channels you have. They’re more interested in the quality of the services you provide and Omni-Channel is the answer for that. This cross-channel strategy will give customers the same experience, whether they purchase from mobile apps, websites, or coming directly to stores.

PowerCommerce.Asia will provide the best solution by upgrading your business experiences with this strategy and leave the competitors behind. Our Omni-Channel Strategy allows retailers and brands to provide seamless customer experience and fill the gap between online and offline. You will connect with more customers, have increased traffic, improved sales and survive in the market.