The development of internet technology in Indonesia raises a lot of e-Commerce shopping sites. They all built an online shopping site that sell various kinds of goods and services like a mall. The convenience of e-Commerce, makes consumers want to buy more.

Consumers are increasingly encourage to shop because the online shopping sites are intensively offering promotions to them. With low prices, cashback, even free shipping promos. Shopping on e-commerce sites is part of a new lifestyle. This trend expected to continue for years.

So, for the convenience of your shopping at online shopping sites, we provide you some tips and tricks:

  1. Research the online shopping sites

    You should do these tips if you shop like online clothing on websites that you rarely use. Check the seller’s phone number and contact them. If not convincing, visit the Google and enter the name of the website. Don’t forget to look for reviews from consumers who have shopped there. If there are many consumers complain about the site’s services, you should just leave the website. Find another shopping site that have positive appreciations, and avoid shopping sites that only get one star or get complaints and disappointments from consumers on their social media accounts and on the site.

  2. See the online shopping site policy for your personal data

    Check their policies. Don’t let there’s a point that the manager of the website may provide consumer personal data to other parties. Also, don’t forget to read the items refund policy. Because the items purchased can’t be seen physically, there must be guarantee if the items you receive are found to be defective. Make sure you can return the defective item and of course the seller replaced it with new items or your money will be returned. Please, also check who pays the return of the goods.

  3. Check the package by reading the product description carefully

    The third safe tip is to check the package of goods and read the product’s descriptions carefully. Beware of branded items that are sold at very large discounts. It could be a fake item, or the seller just wants to get your money.

  4. Don’t be easily tempted by cheap items

    Don’t rush to fall in love with the seller’s offer of their products at cheap prices that come from e-mail, especially asking for your ID and password without permission from the e-mail owner. That’s usually the work of spammers. But, be careful, spammers can also seduce you.they will sent e-mails that seemed to come from the well company. Preferably, visit the official online shopping site of the company and immediately shop from the site. Do not enter the site via e-mail or pop-up window.

  5. Look for signs that the website is safe

    The sign is usually in the form of a padlock in the browser status bar. Before entering your personal information, check the security sign on the site. When you’re asked to enter registration information for a credit card number, see the website address. The website address should change from ‘http’ to ‘https’. This means that the payment information protected.

  6. Secure your PC or Gadgets

    Minimum, your PC or gadgets must have an anti-virus software. Even better if you install anti spyware and a firewall on your PC or gadgets. Remember, the security software must be updated regularly. So, the PC or gadgets protected from the latest threats. Well, just set the update process automatically.

  7. Consider the Payment Method

    Payments are usually made by credit card, via ATM, or through modern retail outlets. With a credit card, you have strong evidence that you have made a transaction if the item not delivered or not according to order. But, due the many thefts of credit card numbers, payments usually using platforms, such as PayPal, Send Transfer, or Cash on Delivery (COD) may be considered.

  8. Check the Total Price

    Product’s price, package costs, plus shipping costs, hopefully there is a discount. Compare the total price of a website with another website.

  9. Save Proof of Transaction

    Including product descriptions and prices, digital receipts, as well as copies of e-mails sent between you and the seller.

  10. Turn off the PC after transaction

    If the PC continue switched on, there could be a burglar who has planted malware and taken control of the PC and made transactions using your ID or credit card. You should turn off the PC after you transact.

So, that’s how some ways to safely shop on online shopping sites that you can apply. Maybe you’re wondering what’s the correlation between tips and tricks with PowerCommerce. Well, PowerCommerce help the company that want to sell their product online. We give them best solution, but also give you, as consumers good services. We also give you sale from sites, and delivered the products in good condition to you. Also, your data will always secure.

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