Today we are living in the digital era and heading towards the age of automation. Machine and artificial intelligence (AI) aren’t something unusual anymore. As a human being, we must prepare to compete with them. The converted and creative solution is needed, especially for a woman to seize their job opportunities in this automation age. Women need to be more skilled, mobile, and tech-savvy. Without that, they might not be able to compete for available job opportunities.

1. Skills

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), more women graduate with at least a with master degree. However, they still have to match their skills to where the most job opportunities are. Some concerns often arise regarding women who not obtain skills for high growth fields such as professional, scientific and technical services. To overcome this problem, the private sector can invest more in training and re-skilling their employees within their organizations or partnering with academic and other institutions.

2. Mobility

One factor that limiting women’s mobility is that women often face dangers to their physical security when travelling around. This condition causes them to have limitations in finding employment. Moreover, women do not get the same access as men get to connect into networks which help them to develop their skills, achieve career advancement, and transition to new jobs. Some companies are moving forward from this issue, but still have some work be done to create similar opportunities for women.


The future of work is likely require people to work closely with technology. However, women are still lagging behind men in their access to technology, the skills to use it, and the potential utilization of technological innovation. Women’s access to basic enabling technology, notably internet and mobile technologies, needs to expand. Alongside with the stepping up of their digital skills development.

Women indeed face more winding challenges in this digital era. There is some work they have to do, but it will not be a serious problem. Adapting is not just about solving the problem, but also taking advantage from the opportunities they have.