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Tech and Digital Company to Localize the Global with Omni-Channel Solution

Demand Generation Services

This service is related to bringing customers and orders right on you through the Omni-Channel solution. So, you do not have to worry about selling the product and focus on producing your product.

Academy & Consulting

Designing the most suitable digital transformation for your business and provide webinars, workshops, and in-house training related to the latest science and technology.

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Technology Development

Increase your sales and efficiency with our tech development services, from website development, web commerce with Magento or WordPress platform, mobile app development, ERP development, and API connection to integrate POS, WMS, IMS, and financial report into a single database.

Digital Marketing

Build your brand, improve awareness, increase engagement and sales through digital marketing, from Google SEO & SEM, Facebook & Instagram ads to marketplace campaigns.

Omni-Channel Solutions

We can provide a seamless customer experience and fill the gap between online and offline. We are also able to connect you to the global consumer through our Omni-Channel.

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Demand Fulfillment Services

This service is related to all steps starting from receiving orders from customers, warehouse supply and processing, and sending the order to the end customers through Omni-Channel.

Global Cross Border

The ability to do Cross Border transactions is one of the reasons why we exist. We aim to upgrade the local businesses to sell overseas. We do product branding product listing at global marketplace and shipping via our Cross Border partner.

Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Located across major cities in Indonesia, our warehouses can help you pick and pack your orders. Our channel management system will conveniently integrate with everything. Every order received will be handled by our fulfillment team.

Shipping Management & Delivery

PowerCommerce.Asia has an integrated shipping platform with flexibility for customers (buyers). They can choose the type of logistic services they need, as well as first-mile pickup service from your location, whether from your shop, your house, or your warehouse.

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