Everyone is a seller. But, not all of them are a reliable seller. The seller is reliable if they have the ability to influence and ensure buyers’ prospective to interest and want to buy the products, services, even yourself.

According to Jean Beltrand, the definition of selling is the ability to express your beliefs, goods, or proposals to one or many people so as to create a desire for privilege, opportunity, ownership, or interest. Whereas according to Napoleon Hill, selling is the art of instilling a motive in the minds of others that will trigger beneficial actions.

But, how to become a reliable seller? In the “Selling You”, by Napoleon Hill, explained, a salesperson had to develop the quality of themselves to a reliable seller.

The quality of their self that must be developed as a reliable seller are:

  1. Confidence and Courage

    Firstly, in the competitive time, every salesperson must have an absolute confidence. Having a good self-confidence, usually courage will followed. Self-confidence is one of the evaluations of buyers prospective to sellers. How can a salesperson convince a potential buyer if he/she looks unconvincing?

  2. Persistence

    There is no salesperson who has never experienced of rejection from a potential buyer. In fact, the word “no” from potential buyer can become a challenge and encouragement to stat sales seriously.

  3. Imagination

    When facing objection situations from a potential buyers, salesperson can anticipate it by imagining to put themselves in the position of buyers. So, they can understand their needs and their goals.

  4. Have Good Product Insights

    A salesperson must master the knowledge of product that they’re sold. Especially the advantages from the products and the service what they sold.

  5. Believing the Good and the Services

    The seller must be sure of the goods and services sold before convincing potential buyers. If the seller is not sure of the products and services sold, the thought will appear to be seen in the salesperson. So that there is uncertainty in the minds of potential buyers.

  6. The Value and Accuracy of the Product Offered to Potential Buyers

    A reliable seller will never try to offer a Jaguar to someone who is supposed to buy a Ford. Salesperson must be honest in explaining the value of products that they offered in accordance with reality. Transactions that harm the buyer are transactions that are more detrimental to the seller, because they will lose the trust of the buyer.

  7. Qualify Potential Buyers

    Reliable seller must be able to qualify potential buyers. They must have the ability to know the financial potential of the buyer, the need of the buyers for the products offered, and the motives of potential buyers. Trying to sell without qualifying potential buyers is a mistake that is the cause of “failure to sell.”

  8. Good Personality

    Most of life insurance buyers don’t know the contents of their policies and they don’t seem to care. They finally want to buy the insurance policy, one of the factors is the great personality of the insurance salesperson. Good personality elements are calm, good sense of humor, not selfish, enthusiasm, non-verbal language that fits the situation and conditions make a good seller.