Monitor your business performance across channels in real-time. It gives a birds-eye view of the day-to-day trends in the volume of order, SKU, agent availability, and agent performance across all support channels.


Provides end-to-end solutions for brands to do e-commerce business. Those services include official store management, campaign management, creative services, customer service management, supply chain management & fulfillment.

E-Commerce Omni Channel Enabler

Technology Development

Integrating your multi sales channel in one omni channel platform (Web Commerce Development, Mobile App, ERP, API Connection to integrate POS, WMS, IMS, TMS and financial report into a single database and business intelligence.

Digital Marketing & Content Creative

Build your brand, improve awareness, increase engagement and sales through digital marketing. From Google SEO & SEM, Facebook, Instagram also the new one TikTok Shop management to maximize your digital presence.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Providing multi warehouse & multi fulfillment services with integration to multiple e-commerce sales channels and multi-shipping service providers facility, all around Indonesia

Academy &

Design the most suitable technologies and solutions for brand’s digital transformation through webinars, workshop, or in-house training

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Providing multi warehouse facility, all around Indonesia to cover all fulfillment services. Including inbound, Outbound (picking, packing and dispatching, and add value services) to customers.

Management System

Located across major cities in Indonesia, our warehouses can help you pick and pack your orders. Our channel management system will conveniently integrate with everything. Every order received will be handled by our fulfillment team.
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