Wednesday, 7th November 2018, Mr. Hadi Kuncoro our CEO of Power Group attended a workshop on “Improving ASEAN Logistic Services to Facilitate Cross-Border E-Commerce.” He attended as a Moderator on Session II with the topic about “Logistic Challenges in South East Asia Cross Border E-Commerce.”

The speakers on Session II are Mr. Vernon Martin the RBDD of (Asia) Asia Aramex, Mr. Gilarsi Wahyu S. the CEO of PT POS Indonesia, and Mr. Syed Ali Madihid the CEO of Janio.

Mr. Hadi Kuncoro, CEO of Power Group (left)

ASEAN have to face some challenges in advancing and transforming the digital economy. Among ASEAN’s member nations, there is a gap in terms of infrastructure development. Especially Philippines and Indonesia are faces big logistic challenges in terms of e-commerce. It given logistic challenges, ASEAN now examining how it can work across ASEAN member to create new frameworks that would benefit all business in member countries.