On Wednesday, 7th of August 2018. Mr. Hadi Kuncoro, our Power Group CEO give a talk in front of more than 300 management & partners from Lion & Wings Group for eastern Indonesia area. The Topic of the Seminar is The Future of wholesale and retailers in the Digital Retail Transformation and Technological Era.

Retail Management as we know today will change drastically with the presence of e-commerce and other types of digital technologies.

Hadi’s Experience

Hadi presents some of the case studies from his experience in building and execute digital retail transformation for many clients. Also, including some of the big corporation in Indonesia. Some of the strategy that he proposed in the seminar including:
1. Business Model Transformation
2. Redefine Brand Strategy
3. Reorganize Organisation structure & New org Culture development
4. Re-Map the supply chain model
5. Re-engineering Financial strategy
6. Integrating technology system and Big Data

There’s a lot of companies in Indonesia still consider that digital retail transformation as only selling online in e-commerce. Meanwhile, in reality, digital  retail transformation involves change management for the whole company. Digital retail transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. In addition, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

One of the most important thing that we need to consider is Digital Business is Big Data Business. Do you know the value of your customers? Sales and marketing data – information that you may already hold – can tell you a lot about your customers? Big data provides valuable analytics. But, the information must be curated and organized in order to give you the right insights. It’s any large, complex database that is difficult to process using traditional data processing applications (such as MS Excel). However this data has big potential – if you know how to use it.

Embark on Your Digital Retail Transformation

If you are a leader in a company, here are questions you need to ask before you embark on your digital retail transformation

  1. Have your online sales channel (like e-commerce marketplace) provide comprehensive big data to understand you customer?
  2. Do you know who your competitors are, in both online and offline? Did you realized that your business opponent is not just from similar but also coming from another industry or even a new type of business that you can’t even predicted today?
  3. Have you re-validated Market Share of your company?
  4. Has your company had a big data profile of your customers? complete with customer experiences profile.
  5. Did you know the product assortment behavior that gives “Pareto revenue” to your business?
  6. Do you know how many lost opportunities that occur in your business because your retail management is not sufficiently detailed and comprehensive to manage it?
  7. Did you know your company’s employee profile? How many percent belong to the category of millennial digital native employee?

Answering these questions will help to generate a hypothesis in building your company’s Road Map strategy in Transforming your Business from conventional to Digital Business.

The bad news is, only a few large Indonesian local companies take decisions in 1-2 years to change their business model business to digital driven. The good news is, if you are part of the few who takes decision to change then have a higher chance of not on only on survival but have higher chance to reap the benefit in term of growth and success. Therefore, Power Commerce already help many companies to leverage a wide spectrum of digital technologies and help companies improve products and services, enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues.